On March 21, 2012, Protocollie and I released a little song called "Aumento". Four quick years have passed and I'm very excited to say that we've sprayed a new can of paint on the track (and their remixes, of course) and reissue the release, which is out today. Check out the Bandcamp description below for a bit of history and what you'll get if you pick up the new package:

I wrote Aumento with Protocollie over a period of months in 2011. After finding its way onto the first annual Addictive Vibe Records compilation in 2012, it was given a proper single release featuring remixes from Oddy, Aaron prime, and Genettic. In less than a week the release hit its peak of #4 on Beatport's Progressive House chart, sitting just behind Hardwell, Andrew Bayer and Sasha.
This fourth anniversary reissue features all three classic remixes from the 2012 single, available to download in whatever format you like. Brand new for the reissue is an excellent chiptune remix by Amdusias composed and exported entirely on a NES. An early draft of it was hidden on Episode 613 of my original Turn It Around mix series, and I'm proud to have the final mix on the package.

As you'll also read on Bandcamp, Addictive Vibe Records (the label on which Aumento was originally released) was retired in 2015, in part due to label owner Alex Biagi's declining health issues.

So to show support for Alex and for all that he did for us and the label, creating a community of talented musicians and getting their music out into the world, myself and all artists involved with Aumento have decided to give our thanks and support by sending all proceeds of this pay-what-you-want anniversary reissue directly to him. We know it might not end up being all that much, but we feel it's the best thing to do, given the incredible history of the record and for what it means to all of us.

Take a listen on Bandcamp, and, if you haven't heard it until now, let us know what you think.

-Dan, MaxKeithAaronAvery and Amdusias